Charting a road map for retail success with BPM and decision management..

Ditching the Spreadsheet

Marketing is undergoing a massive transformation in order to meet the demands of digitally empowered customers. Learn why tech-savvy marketers are ditching spreadsheets and moving to flexible, scalable planning tools...

Improving customer experiences with IBM Business Process Management

Barclays adopted an IBM business process management (BPM) solution, which helps the bank deliver a consistent customer journey through automation and multichannel applications...

Preventing fraud in credit and debit card transactions

In economically difficult times, necessity becomes the mother of invention for fraudsters, whether organized or opportunist. Today, fraudulent activity resembles a continuously mutating virus that defies the myriad efforts to eradicate it. Opportunist, nonpat..

BPM for Manufacturing
Case Study

BPM for Manufacturing..

Satisfying customer demand with improved inventory visibility

Learn how retailers can optimize business performance, improve efficiency, boost customer service and more easily deliver the right products to the right customers at the right time ..

The Digital Reinvention Report

Digital technologies have altered how people and businesses interact. Digital forces have created unprecedented levels of industry dislocation and are fundamentally changing business economics. To succeed in this disruptive environment,organizations will need ..

How Motorola achieved accurate sales and revenue forecasting with Anaplan

Bill Cate shares how Motorola achieved accurate sales and revenue forecasting—despite its complex sales structure—using Anaplan...